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Registry Overview
The registry is the central data system that maintains up-to-date contact, death and inheritance information for people who own mineral rights in the state of Oklahoma.

If you own mineral rights or royalties in the state, understand that under Oklahoma law, state agencies are not required toupdate or maintain a current address (or any other contact information) for mineral and royalty owners in county land records.

This means when oil companies do ownership research at the county courthouses, they often end up with a lot of old, outdated information for many people- it's very common for mineral deeds to have an address that is 5, 10, even 20 years old, or more.

As a result, each year, tens of thousands of owners miss out on lease and royalty payments for locations where they own, simply because an oil company could not make contact when needed. For many owners, the loss of income can be quite substantial.

To resolve this, so owners don't miss-out on what they're entitled to, oil companies have used the registry since 2008 as a step in the research process to get updates.

Today, there are nearly a million records in the data system that are used to make contactabout oil and gas leases, to send out legal notices for drilling, to resolve land title issues, and to make royalty payments on producing wells.If you own mineral rights or royalties in the state of Oklahoma, you too should keep up-to-date information on file.

Owner Contact Records
Whether you own in a few locations, or in a few hundred, once you register, you'll have an up-to-date owner contact record on file and available foreach interest that you own.

This will insure that oil companies working in the state can pull up current and accurate information whenever they need to contact you for important matters.
Death & Inheritance Records
Many owners today are second, third and even fourth generation. However, mineral deeds are often still held in the name of family members who are now deceased like parents, grand-parents and spouses.By law, these interests do transfer to living descendants, but oil companies must make that connection first, before the heirs can benefit.

The registry cross-references this important information, so mineral rights still in the name of deceased relatives can be linked to you, as an heir or successor, who should be contacted today for lease offers, drilling activity and royalty payments.
Resources & Tools
In addition to having updates on file, once you register, you'll have access to a number of important resources online. These include being kept informed about new drilling activity that's happening on, or near, the locations where you own.
What happens when oil companies can't contact you?
It's never good to be in that situation.As a mineral owner, the most important thing you can do is to keep your contact information up-to-date for the interests you own.When you cannot be contacted, and a company wants to drill, by law, the State of Oklahoma will step in to lease your mineral rights for you so that drilling and the production of oil and natural gas can continue - from the lands where you have an interest.

This affects tens of thousands of owners each year, and most will never find out about it.When it happens to you, it means you'll miss out on the initial lease signing bonus (typically thousands of dollars)plus the monthly royalty payments from any wells that are drilled on those lands - now or in the future.

Keep in mind that many locations today will have multiple wells.When you consider that most will produce for decades, this can easily add up to a substantial amount that you, your heirs and future generations will miss.This loss of income is an important reason as to why so many people keep updates on file.

Thousands of new wells are drilled each year in Oklahoma.
Oil production in the state is at record levels, andin 2020, nearly every county will see new activity.
Key Benefits of Registration
Insures that you have an up-to-date contact information record available for each mineral interest that you own in the state of Oklahoma.
Links, or cross-references, all death and inheritance information so mineral rights still held in the names of deceased relatives can be linked to you.
Every oil company working in the state has access to the registry data system and can get your up-to-date information instantly when needed.
Drilling Activity Updates - stay informed about new drilling that's happening on, or near, your mineral rights.Check anytime, available online 24/7/365.
Owner Help Desk - whenever you have questions about leasing, drilling, notices in the mail or mineral rights in general,you can ask experienced professionals so you can make informed, educated decisions.
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